Dienstag, 15. August 2017

Merrimack Tarot

Creator(s): Pamela Coleman-Smith
Date: 1961
Country: USA
Publisher: Merrimack
Number of Cards: 78
Type: RWS

Merrimack SpreadsheetNotes:
In principle this is a Smith-Waite deck made as a cheap novelty fortune-telling deck. Each card has keywords for it's meaning printed below the titles to make for easy interpretation. It also has a fold-out paper to show where to place the cards and what each position means.

Merrimack card backsThere is no mention of Rider-Waite-Smith anywhere on the box or in the instructions but the imagery is the exact artwork of Pamela Colman Smith. It is brightly colored and the colour doesn't always stay in the lines.  The back has a brownish tiled-looking mosaic pattern on it and is not reversible. It was printed in Hong Kong in 1961 and distributed by Merrimack Publishing Corp.

Merrimack box - frontMerrimack box - top / bottomMerrimack box - sideMerrimack box - back

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  1. Dear Eno!

    I'm glad you started working with your blog again. Thank you very much for the inspiration!

    Very nice RWS clone deck.

    Best regards.
    Péter (tarotrengeteg.blogspot.hu)