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Epinal Tarot

Creator(s): Francois Georgin
 Date: 1875, 1979 
Country: France 
Publisher: Grimaud 
Number of Cards: 79 
Type: Besancon
Reference: Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. I, p. 245

This is a reprint of the Tarot d'Epinal originally published in France by Pellerin during the nineteenth century. These packs were inexpensively printed for popular distribution.

Epinal is a city in France, a former center of the print industry. The expression: "Une image d'Épinal" is used to describe something (picture or situation) with a typical "traditional" taste or where only "nice" and "good" things are shown.

According to Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. II, p. 212 the reprint is from the Tarot of Pellerin & Cie printed between 1875-1880, the LWB gives 1830 other sources 1855 for the first print. The artwork is by the French engraver Francois Georgin (1801-1863).

It has Juno and Jupiter instead of Pape and Papesse and an extra card called "The Consultant". Emperor and Empress are unnumbered.

This Version is edited by J.M. Simon from Grimaud and has extra english titles, which the reprint from Arts et Lettres 1976, that is printed in Encyclopedia of Tarot vol. I, does not have.

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