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Golden Dragon Tarot

Creator(s): Jean-Louis Victor, Marie Delclos 
Date: 1993
Publisher: AGM 
Number of Cards: 78

The deck is called "Tarot Chinois" in the French version and "Tarot und Chinesische Weisheit" in the German version, but it is not the same deck as the U.S. Games "Chinese Tarot".

I would recommend the set with the full length companion book, because without the book it is hard to understand the meanings of the cards and the intended relation between the chinese philosophy and the tarot.

The top border has the card number and what appears to be the name of the card in Chinese for the Major Arcana, and the suit name (without a number) in Chinese for the Minor Arcana. The bottom border has the card name in German.

Most of the Major Arcana have been renamed:

I - Der Lehrling
(The Apprentice)
VIIII - Der Weise
(The Master of Wisdom)
XVII - Der Stern
(The Star)

II - Die Wasserträgerin
(The Waterporter)
X - Das Schicksal
XVIII - Der Mond
(The Moon)
III - Die Reiskönigin
(The Queen of Rice)
XI - Der Drachen
(The Dragon)
XVIIII - Die Sonne
(The Sun)
IV - Der Herrscher
(The Emperor)
XII - Der Gehängte
(The Hanged Man)
XX - Das Tao
(The Tao)
V - Die heilige Pagode
(The Illuminated Pagoda)
XIII - Der Tod
XXI - Der Affe
(The Monkey)
VI - Das Labyrinth
(The Labyrinth)
XIV - Der Ausgleich
XXII - Die Ernte
VII - Der Sieg
XV - Das Gewitter
(The Thunderstorm)

VIII - Die Gerechtigkeit
XVI - Zerstörung des Tempels
(Destruction of the Tempel)

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