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Australian Contemporary Dreamtime Tarot

Creator(s): Keith Courtenay-Peto, Daicon Courtenay-Peto 
Date: 1991
Publisher: Goldrope Pty. Ltd.
Number of Cards: 78
Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV, pp. 232, 233

 The deck is made as pen outlines coloured with watercolours.
The Major Arcana have been renamed with Aboriginal expressions, derived from the Aboriginal dialects spoken in today’s Australia. Translations are given in the little white booklet:
0 The Fool Karadji - Magnetism
1 The Magician Kulduke - Creation
2 The High Priestess Bakeano – In the Womb
3 The Empress Yaccana – Born of air
4 The Emperor Alatunja – Born of Water
5 The Hierophant Inkata – Knowledge of evil
6 The Lovers Weja’s – Gathering experience
7 The Chariot Whilpra - Dieing
8 The Force Thalera – Overcoming death
9 The Hermit Garaki – Overcomes material possession
10 Wheel of Fortune Locco Locco – Reaping the rewards of effort
11 Justice Pinmaroo – Enters fully into the matter
12 The Hanged Man Atwa – Burning without flame
13 Death Yowi – The beginning of the climbing out
14 Temperance Karthina – Growing through
15 The Devil Malapi – Washed clean
16 The Tower Bibaringa – Near perfection
17 The Star Nunkumbil – Full knowledge of understanding
18 The Moon Bahloo - Cleansing
19 The Sun Woorin - Flawlessness
20 Judgement Kana – Born again
21 The World Tickalara - Virtue

The Minor Arcana come in four suits: Muggils (stone knives / swords), Kundas (decorated digging sticks / staffs), coolamons (carrying container / cups) and wariats (sacred totem stones / pentacles). According to Aboriginal tribal hierarchy, court cards are named Tribal Elder, Earth Mother, Hunter and Maiden. The elemental correspondences are the same as in the classical Tarot. Also, all the Minor Arcana have an astrological equivalent assigned.

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