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Romeo and Juliet Tarot (Shakespeare Tarot)

Creator(s): Luigi Scapini
Date: 1990, reprint 2002
Country: Italy
Publisher: Dal Negro
Numer of Cards: 78
ISBN: 800-1-097424-06-1
Type: other
Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV, pp. 515-517

Although the title of the deck is the Tarot of Romeo and Juliet (Tarocchi di Guiletta e Romeo) the scenes on the cards are from all the works of Shakespeare. The background of the Major Arcana and the back design are gold-figured, in reference to the Renaissance cards of Northern Italy. Titles on the cards are in Italian and English.

The 2002 edition is smaller-sized (relatively speaking) . In fact, the deck is about the size of a standard Waite-Smith deck... but clearly smaller than the 1990 "deluxe" edition. The deck is also known as the Shakespeare Tarot.

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