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Creator(s): Gerhard Haack
Date: 1988
Country: Germany

Publisher: self-published 
Number of Cards: 79

Type: RWS
Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV, pp.401, 403

The deck is printed as "Linol-Farbdruck", that means not the black lines (which are line drawings), but only the five different colors were applied as linoleum block prints.

The minors were fully illustrated, they are inspired by the RWS images but not clones. The cards have German titles and Roman numbers, Strength is 8, Justice 11.

The deck has 78 cards plus an untitled extra card showing a man with a club.

It is a limited edition of 150 decks. The cardboard box of the deck is signed and numbered by the artist, mine is number 123. There is no lwb.

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