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Golden Gomera Tarot (New Century Tarot)

Creator(s): Rolf Eichelmann
Date: 2004
Country: Switzerland
Publisher: Königsfurt Urania
Number of Cards: 78
ISBN: 978-3038-190240
Type: RWS
Reference: aeclectic

The Golden Gomera Tarot was created by German artist and architect Rolf Eichelman, while vacationing on the island of La Gomera (one of the Canary Islands). Eichelmann was inspired by Stewart Kaplans book Tarot Classic, which he received as a gift from his wife.

All cards have a patterned tapestry-like backdrop running down the centre behind the main figure or suit element, and the colours of this backdrop change for each major and each suit. In the far background, all majors have a palisade of reddish trees silhouetted against a navy sky, the foliage of which changes subtly for each card, making the individual cards feel as though they are yet part of a whole, united world.

The deck was first published in 2003 by US Games. The US Games edition has smaller cards and a different back design ( Golden Gomera : 85 mm by 122 mm / New Century : 82 mm by 111 mm )

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