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The Amazing Fortune-Telling Book

Creator(s):  Karen Lee, Kipling West
Date: 1997
Country: USA

Publisher: Hyperion
Number of Cards: 22
ISBN: 0-7868-1136-6   

Type: other
Artist's page

Kipling West is an illustrator for Children's books. She also creates toys and packaging for toys. This is a Children's book that came with a set of major arcana cards. The book also includes chapters on astrology, Chinese astrology, palm reading, and other forms of fortune telling such as scarpomancy ( according to the author a modern method of telling fortunes by analyzing people by studying their old shoes) or omphalomancy (viewing your own belly button as a way to tell the future).  

The book includes a box for the cards, as well as a pocket in the backflap to hold them. The cards are just basic cardboard. The card fronts are coated, but the backs are not. The corners are square, and the edges have slight bumps where they were originally connected, before being punched out of a sheet.

The cards all depict animals, most of the cards use the traditional titles but are made suitable for children by transforming the Devil to the Chameleon, the Hanged Man to the Bat (who hangs upside down on a tree), and Death to the Phoenix. The non-reversible backs are in black and white, showing the various animals.

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