Samstag, 2. März 2013

Bambini Tarot

Creator(s): Lele Luzzati
Date: 2001
Country: Italy

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo
Number of Cards: 78
ISBN: 978-3933-939968   

Type: other
Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol.IV, pp. 279, 280

"Once upon a time, there was a tarot deck designed as if people had never grown up and all of the adults remained children forever..." is printed on the box and the characters on the cards look as if they are playing at being in a tarot deck. Death shows a child removing a skull mask, the Devil shows a boy with his tongue sticking out.

The minors have pip-style arrangements with small illustrations included. The reversible backs are  purple, with an image of four  birds. The art is hand coloring and applying patternd paper.

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