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El Tarot de los Druidas

Creator(s): Pierre Ripert, Severino Baraldi
Date: 2009
Country: Spain
De Vecchi
Number of Cards:
De Vecchi


Pierre Ripert is a French author and journalist specializing in ancient history magazines. Severino Baraldi is a well known Italian comic illustrator and tarot artist. His true metier is the historical painting.

The numbering of the cards is : Magician to World as 1 to 21, the Fool is 22, Justice is 8 and Strength is 11.  The Minors are numbered 23 to 78 and have no suit signs. The Majors are associated with characters from celtic mythology and have no traditional titles.

The suits are Espadas (Swords) representing winter and the element of air, Copas (Cups) spring and the element of earth,  Bastos(Wands) summer and the element of fire and Oros (Coins) autumn and the element of water.

The cards are larger than usual ( 6 1/4" long and 3 1/4" wide). The packaging is typical De Vecchi, a  robust flip-top cardboard box containing the deck and the mini-book The book is Spanish only, but very informative. Pierre Ripert presents the Celtic society,  the Celtic pantheon and explains the Celtic Tree Alphabet

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