Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Gli Arcani dell’Albero

Creator(s): Ernesto Solari
Aisthesis & Magazine
Number of Cards:

Type: Other
Reference: pasteboard masquerade

Ernesto Solari is an Italian art professor who uses modern art to illustrate Qabalistic principals.  The images for this deck were inspired by a large Byzantine mosaic found within an ancient Italian basilica in Otranta. The paintings were presented in 1997 as part of a larger exhibition.

The guidebook to this exhibition is an overview of several cultural tree archetypes: Yggdrasil of Norse mythology, the tree of Brahma in the second Upanishad, the Navaho Indian World Axis, the Celtic tree alphabet of Ogham, the tree of Christ’s cross, Egypt’s Pillar of Osiris, the Bodhi Tree of the Buddha, the alchemist’s Tree of Philosophy, and the Cabalist’s Tree of the Sephiroth. But the deck focuses primarily on Biblical and Kabbalistic mythology.

The full name of this deck is Gli Arcani dell’Albero della Vita e della Conoscenza or The Arcana of the Tree of Life and of Knowledge.

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