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Haindl Tarot

Creator(s): Hermann Haindl, Rachel Pollack
1988 / 2002
Droemer Knaur / Lotus
Number of Cards:

Type: Thoth
Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV, pp. 374-375

The original, large-format (8,5 cm x 15,5 cm) printing of Herman Haindl's  tarot was published by Droemer Knaur in 1988 as a German only version. Mine is a 2002 reprint of this version  by Lotus . There also was a smaller edition by US Games in 1990.

The non-reversible back design shows a single eye

The Haindl Tarot has non-traditional imagery and is strongly influenced by the Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot. There is a complicated system of correspondence, each of the Majors has been given Qabalistic, runic and astrological designators.

Number / Card / Hebrew Letter / Rune / Astrological Sign / Element (from Rachel Pollack's book)

0 The Fool Aleph (Ox) Wynn (Joy) Uranus Air
1 The Magician Beth (House) Peoh (Cattle) Mercurry Air
2 The High Priestess Gimel (Camel) Ur (Aurochs) Moon Water
3 The Empress Daleth (Door) Thorn (Thorn) Venus Earth
4 The Empress Heh (Window) Ansur (Mouth) Aries Fire
5 The Hierophant Vav (Nail) Radh (Wheel) Taurus Earth
6 The Lovers Zain (Sword) Ken (Torch) Gemini Water
7 The Chariot Cheth (Fence) Hagall (hailstone) Cancer Water
8 Strength Teth (Snake) Sigil (Sun) Leo Fire
9 The Hermit Yod (Hand) Is (Ice) Virgo Earth
10 Wheel of Fortune Kaph (Palm) Jara (Year) Jupiter Fire
11 Justice Lamed (Ox goad) Nyd (Necessity) Libra Air
12 The Hanged Man Mem (Seas) Tyr (God of war and law) Neptune Water
13 Death Nun (Fish) Ba (Birch Goddess) Scorpio Water
14 Alchemy Samekh (Tent peg) Laguz (Water) Sagittarius Fire
15 The Devil Ayin (Eye) Eolh-elk (Man) Capricorn Earth
16 The Tower Peh (Mouth) Yrr-err (Woman) Mars Fire
17 The Star Tzaddi (Fishhook) Eh (Horse) Aquarius Air
18 The Moon Kaph (Back of head) Othal (Prosperity) Pisces Water
19 The Sun Resh (Head) Gebo (Gift) Sun Fire
20 Aeon Shin (Tooth) Peoh (dice cup) Pluto Fire
21 The World Tav (Signature) Gebo (Gift) Saturn Earth

The Minors represent South and ancient Egypt (swords), East and Hinduism (wands), North and ancient Norse/Celtic Europe (cups) and West and Native America (stones). Each of the numbered Minors includes an I Ching hexagramm. The court cards are father, mother, son and daughter. The inner borders are white for air, blue for water, red for fire and yellow for earth.

The central theme of this deck, as reported by Rachel Pollack, is "the renewal of the Earth - not just the material resources, but the spiritual Earth."

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