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The Stuckist Tarot

Creator(s): Elsa Dax, Ella Guru
Date: 2012
Country: United Kingdom

Publisher: self-published
Number of Cards: 22

Type: RWS
Reference: artist's page

Stuckism is an art movement founded by 12 artists in London and Kent, England in 1999. Their aim was to advance new figurative painting  in opposition to the “conceptual” art. By 2012 the group had grown to an international art movement with over 200 groups in 50 countries.

Ella Guru writes: 
"I replaced the wand in the magician’s hand with a whip because my model, a real magician named Paul Nathan of San Francisco, is an expert at whip-cracking. He can pull a playing card out of your mouth with the crack of a bullwhip 10 meters away. And he likes to play with fire. "

Annie Zamero writes:
 "The Hermit’ Major Arcana is about seeking the truth,
so I have chosen Rupert Murdoch as my study because
he represents the antithesis of someone interested in the truth.
His Media Corporation has a history of manipulating the truth to suit
commercial purposes and maximize profits. "

The participating Stuckist Artists are:
Ella Guru (London, UK) - The Magician I
Jasmine Maddock (London, UK) - The High Priestess II
Peter Murphy (Leeds, UK) - The Empress III
Marketa Urbanova (Prague, Czeck Republic) - The Emperor IV
Joe Machine (Kent, UK) - The Hierophant V
Jonathon Coudrille (Cornwall, UK) - The Lovers VI
Odysseus Yakoumakis (Athens, Greece) - The Chariot VII
Eamon Everall (Aldershot, UK) - The Justice VIII
Annie Zamero (London, UK) – The Hermit IX
Artista Eli (Malaga, Spain) - The Wheel of Fortune X
Elsa Dax (Paris, France) - The Force XI
Philip Absalon (Norfolk, UK) - The Hanged man XII
Charles Thomson (Romford, UK) - Death XIII
Terry Marks (New-York, USA) - The Temperance XIIII
Alexis Hunter (New-Zealand, Auckland) - The Devil XV
Lapsking Hamed Dehnavi (Teheran, Iran) - The Tower XVI
Andrew Galbraith (Liverpool, UK) - The Star XVII
Jaroslav Valecka (Prague, Czech Republic) - The Moon XVIII
Virginia Andow (New-York, USA) - The Sun XIX
Farsam Sangini (Teheran, Iran) - The Judgement XX
Bill Lewis (Maidstone, UK) - The World XXI

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