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Pearls of Wisdom - Second Edition

Creator(s): Roxi Sim, Caeli Fullbrite
Date: 2007, 2008
Country: USA

Publisher: 7th House
Number of Cards: 78
ISBN: 978-1-933320-65-6   

Type: RWS
Reference: artist's page

The first edition (2007) had white borders, the second edition (2008)  has dark borders and an expanded companion book.

The symbolism of the Pearls of Wisdom includes elements of the Triple Goddess, the language of flowers, Runes and colour. The colours are inspired by the artist's time in the caribbean. It is an optimistic deck on which the author notes:

"Born out of great sorrow, the loss of my 9 year old son, my mother and my health, the Pearls Deck was my art therapy. The paintings became my path back to wellness, out the dark dungeon of depression and ill health.  I painted what I needed to see and it is my hope that the images in this deck, along with the optimistic pearls of wisdom, will bring a measure of healing to all those who use it."
The deck follows traditional structure, with  suits of Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, and the Court Cards entitled Page, Knight, Queen and King. The Major Arcana have traditional titles, with Strength as VIII and Justice as XI.

The reversible backs of the cards show pearls, rainbows, flaming heads of the Candles and a spiral, their intended symbolic meaning is explained in the companion book.

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