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Le Tarot des Tailleurs de Pierre

Creator(s): Hugues Gartner, Jean-Michel Mathonière
Date: 2011
Country: France

Publisher: Guy Trédaniel
Number of Cards: 78
ISBN: 978-28132-0380-9
Type: Marseilles
Reference: Guy Trédaniel

Le Tarot des Tailleurs de Pierre (the Tarot of the Stonemasons) is a deck and book set. The artwork is by Hughes Gartner and the book text and design by Jean-Michel Mathonière, who has been studying the medieval "compagnonnages" -- trade guilds, particularly that of the stone masons, those whose skill cut and carved the stone that went into the French medieval cathedrals. Thus the cards are full of masonic symbolism.

The artwork apprears to be digital mimicing pen and watercolour. The cards are  finished using gold leaf on the edges. The pip cards are not emblematised. 

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