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Jean Noblet Tarot

Creator(s): Jean Noblet, Jean-Claude Flornoy
Date: 1650, 2007
Country: France
Publisher: Jean-Claude Flornoy
Number of cards: 78
ISBN: 2-914820-07-0
Type: Marseilles
Reference: Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. II. pp. 307, 309. Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV pp. 685

The "Jean Noblet Tarot", originating in Paris, c. 1650, is the oldest known tarot of the "Marseille" tradition, . The only existing copy of this deck is preserved in the French National Library in Paris. It is a nearly complete deck, missing only the Six through Ten of Swords. This 78 card edition is a restoration done by the French Tarot historian and artist Jean-Claude Flornoy. The missing cards have been recreated by Flornoy.

Jean Noblet's Tarot uses the seven symbolic colours: white, the color of emotional saturation; black, representing the earth; red, representing blood and suffering; blue, representing blows to the body and soul; yellow, representing perseverance; green, representing hope; light blue, representing "understanding awareness"; and the additional flesh color.

The card number, in Roman numerals, is on the top of the card, while the card title, in French, runs across the bottom of the card.  The "Jean Noblet Tarot" is the first deck to identify Death as such with title and number. Prior to this, the card was superstitiously left unnamed. The Court Cards are labeled with title and suit across the bottom of the card.

The numbering for the Pips is along both sides of the card, but it is inconsistent. Some pips are unnumbered. some are only numbered on the left or on the right hand side. Six of Cups is numbered on the right and left hand sides of the card, but the right hand side shows the Roman numerals reversed, Eight of Cups is numbered on the right and left hand sides of the card, but the left hand side shows the Roman numerals reversed. The Swords are curved, with except the odd numbered sword, which is straight and placed in the middle.

Both the Two of Cups and the Two of Coins show the name and city of origin for Jean Noblet. The shield on the Chariot shows  the initials "I.N." for the engraver - Jean Noblet.

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