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Ghosts & Spirits Tarot

Creator(s): Lisa Hunt
Date: 2011
Country: USA

Publisher: US Games
Number of Cards: 79
ISBN: 978-1-57281-661-9 

Type: RWS
artist's page
The deck follows a traditional structure, with Strength at VIII and Justice at XI. As in Hunt's other tarots the Hierophant becomes the High Priest, and the Devil becomes Chains. The suits are entitled Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. The Court Cards are entitled King, Queen, Knight, and Page.

There are 79 cards including an unnamed card which could serve  as a Significator, it  shows the head of a figure that appears to be behind bars, another face  right of the central face and more faces  below.

The cards are standard U.S Games size, with a glossy finish and beige borders The titles are in a cursive script. The deck comes with a 60 page LWB in English. The background is  blue, with a triskelion of three white ghosts  in the center. The card backs are reversible.

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