Samstag, 16. September 2017

Le Jeu de Tarot

Creator(s): Chloé Marie Gaillard
Date: 2017
Country: USA
Publisher: Uusi
Number of Cards: 22+2+1
Type: Marseilles


This is the first in a series of Major Arcana decks by guest artists that Uusi is putting out . Chloé Marie Gaillard is a French self-taught artist currently living in  New Mexico. She studied fashion and worked for Christian Dior.

Each card is signed by the artist somewhere in the picture, they have a number and a French title at the bottom. Strength is 8 and Justice 11.  The deck combines the classic Marseilles imagery with shamanistic motives.

The cards are printed in USA on quality thick art paper, lightly varnished on both sides, they come in a screen printed wrap on recycled, heavy paper stock and with a bag. There are two title cards and another additional card with a short biography of Gaillard. Card size is 75mm x 130mm. The backs are reversible. This is a limited edition of 250, mine is number 3.

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