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Tarot de las Hadas (Zarzuela)

Creator(s): Alejandra Ramirez Zarzuela, Sandra Aguilar Latorre
Date: 2006
Country: Spain

Publisher: Libsa
Number of Cards: 78
ISBN: 84-662-1285-X   

Type: other

Tarot de las Hadas is Spanish for Tarot of the Fairies. Alejandra Ramirez Zarzuela is a published author and illustrator of children's books, who had done a lot of books on fairies.

Most of the majors, including Death and Devil, are female. Only The Emperor (El Rey Dagda) and The Hierophant (El druida) are male.

The titles of the majors are non standard, the minors are pips. The suits are color coded and the illustrations on the court cards match the corresponding element of the suit.

It is a deck suitable for children, completely without violence, even death and devil are represented by beautiful fairies.

Boxed set containing a deck of 78 tarot cards and a 192 page softcover book in Spanish with a lot of full-color illustrations.

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