Dienstag, 3. September 2013

I Tarocchi nei Colori della Toscana

Creator(s): Amerigo Folchi
Date: 1992

Country: Italy
Publisher: Italcards
Number of Cards: 22

Type: Marseilles
Reference: Manteia issue #7 p. 10 

Tarot comissioned from Folchi by an Italian watchmaker. Each card consists of images from the Marseilles Tarot deck, placed on colorful backgrounds that include buildings from the Tuscany region of Italy, and includes a picture of a watch blended in to each scene.

The card name is in the top border in Italian and English. What appears to be the name of the city or town is in the bottom border and the specific building shown is identified under the city name in Italian and English.

The non-reversible backs have a row of watches and a signature of Folchi.

The deck is published in a limited edition of 3333 copies, mine is number 3231. The cards came in a lidded cardboard box.

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