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Le Tarot du Chat

Creator(s): Carole Sedillot, Claude Trapet
Date: 1993

Country: France
Publisher: Jacques Grancher
Number of Cards: 78
ISBN: 2-733-90415-9 
Type: Marseilles
Reference: aeclectic 


The Major Arcana and Court Cards have cats that are anthromorphised while the Pips are regular cats. Baton (Wands ) show scenes of a Siamese type cat with flaming torches. Denier ( Coins) are depicted with scenes of a gray and brown Tabby Cat and the coins are actually flowers. Coupes (Cups) show a white Persian type of cat near a pool of water . L’ Epee (Swords) depict a gray cat with swords and the “blade” is a gray cat paw with the claws .

The general style is more Marseille than Waite-Smith. The art is pen drawings with coloured pencil. The backs are solid purple. The cards are shrinkwrapped (no box) and came with a softcover instruction book (text in French only).

There was an earlier Majors only edition published by Editions Jean Boully in 1989. 

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