Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

Stone Tarot

Creator(s): Alison Stone
Date: 2000
Country: USA
Publisher: self-published
Number of Cards: 78+1
Type: Marseilles
Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. IV, pp. 176, 177

Alison Stone is a poet, artist, and Wiccan High Priestess. The cards in the Stone Tarot Deck are reproduced from original oil paintings by Alison Stone and the deck is distributed through her web site.

Most of the trumps are based on Italian or Marseilles designs, without occult details such as in the Waite and Crowley decks. The numeric cards are pips, illustrated using arrangements of the four suit symbols.

The deck follows the classical tarot naming and numbering tradition with one minor variation; it is gender balanced. For two of the Minor Arcana suits, the Page is a male and the rider on the horse is a female (Amazon). For the other two suits, the Page is a female and the rider is a male (Knight). The deck has an additional blank card for those who incorporate that into their readings.

The sheet that comes with the deck has very little background information,  it only offers brief interpretations for every card.

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