Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

The 723 Tarot

Creator(s): Paul Afong Jr.
Date: 2001
Country: USA
Publisher: self-published
Number of Cards: 22
Type: RWS
Reference: artist's page

Paul Afong is an artist and graphic designer, he did the line work for each original painting in a very small scale, and subsequently enlarged it. The backgrounds were created by finger painting with acrylic paints. The deck was named 723 Tarot, because the artist's birthday was July 23rd. The card numbering is traditional; Strength is eight and Justice is 11.

The 723 Tarot is a limited edition of 50 copies signed and numbered by the artist, mine is number 49. They come in a red fold over cardboard cover with a matching band that slips over the case and on which the deck information is printed.The backs are plain black.

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