Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

Vanessa Tarot

Creator(s): Lynyrd-Jym Narciso
Date: 2007
Country: USA

Publisher: US Games
Number of Cards: 78
ISBN: 978-1-57281-574-2 

Type: RWS
Reference: aeclectic

The deck has been inspired by the heroines of pop culture. The Emperor shows a woman looking like Hillary Clinton as president of the United States. The Two of Wands looks like Sophia Loren as a chemist. The Eight of wands has Samantha from “Bewitched” riding with an escort of empty broomsticks.

The cards are smaller than most Tarot decks and measure 9,5 x 6cm. The fully reversible backs show a purple-striped background with blue stars. The deck comes  in a purple tin box. In the LWB each Major card has a little description of the image and a set of meanings for upright and reversed positions, the minors are listed by number.

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