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The Incidental Tarot

Creator(s): Holly DeFount
Date: 2011
Country: USA

Publisher: self-published
Number of Cards: 78
ISBN: 978-0-615-56475-3 

Type: other
Reference:  incidentaltarot

Some major arcana cards, the suits and court cards have been renamed. The renamed majors are: The Red King (Magician), Cathedral:(Hierophant), Gryphon (Strength), Blue Buddha (Hermit), Triskelion (Wheel of Fortune), Eclipse (Hanged Man), Polarity (Temperence), Chimaera (Devil),  Phoenix (Tower), The Grail (Star) and Awakening (Judgement).

The Incidental Tarot includes two extra cards, unnumbered and independent of the Major and Minor Arcanas: Labyrinth and Ariadne, which the artist describes as Talismans instead of wild-cards or significators.

The suits are renamed Oak (Pentacles), Quills (Swords), Roses (Cups) and Arrows (Wands). In each suit the page and the knight received an individual name, for example the Knight of Quills is titled "The Alchemist".The aces are keys and the 10s are the locks they fit into.

Each card has the artwork surrounded by a border containing the name, and then a white border around that. The minors are not fully illustrated and the backs are reversible. The cards are Artist Trading Card format (or ACEO: Artist Cards, Editions and Originals) and came in a sturdy custom tuck box.

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