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Tarot of Marseilles Millennium Edition

Creator(s): Wilfried Houdouin
Date: 2011
Country: France
Publisher: FJP
Number of Cards: 22
ISBN: 978-2841975655

Type: Marseilles
Reference: tarot-de-marseille-millennium

The "reconstruction" of the Tarot de Marseilles by Houdouin is based on the theory, that the sacred geometrical blueprint of the Marseilles tarot was a geometrical matrix known as Metatron's Cube overlaid onto the Flower of Life.

Houdouin draws a line from Pythagoras and Aristotle to Leonardo Fibonacci and Henri Poincare.

The five Platonic Solids were related to the tarot via the elements. The tetrahedron associated with fire, the octahedron associated with air, the cube or hexahedron associated with earth, the icosahedron associated with water and lastly the dodecahedron, which is associated with the ether, the fifth element, the all permeating quintessence.

The tetrahedron if inverted upon itself produces the Stella Octangula, or star tetrahedron, which is the dynamic core of Metatron's Cube.

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